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Posted by on Jan 6, 2016 in Dating For Disabled, Disability Dating, Disabled Dating |

Do You Know Any Famous People With Disabilities?

Disability Dating

Disability Dating

Sometimes we forget that famous people aren’t perfect. They are presented to us as celebrities, almost flawless in pictures and the media, and held to a certain standard. While they are household names, we don’t really know them as people. We know how they are presented to us, and we look up to them, probably a little too much.

It’s when we find out that they are imperfect that they can really speak to us, helping us to learn based on their experiences. Celebrities have many of the same problems we do, and so one problem they face is having certain disabilities. Do you know any celebrities off the top of your head that have disabilities?

There are plenty of them of course if you think about it, and some of their disabilities are right in the middle of the limelight. Take Ray Charles for instance, and then think about Stevie Wonder. They are two of the most famous singer/songwriters with disabilities. The first name that pops into my head when thinking about actors with disabilities is Gary Coleman.

Gary Coleman is no longer with us, nor is Ray Charles. Stevie Wonder is still around, however, making music as always. Now let’s move to politicians for a moment. One of the most respected Presidents ever was Franklin D. Roosevelt, and he had a disability throughout much of his presidency. He was crippled due to polio.

Do you know who Marlee Maitlin is? She is a famous actress that is known for playing many parts throughout the years, despite being deaf. What’s great about celebrities with disabilities is that they show us they are human and that we too can live out our dreams. It’s very difficult to look at someone who appears flawless and identify with them, no matter how much we tell ourselves that they are human.

Not every famous person with a disability is going to be a major headline, just like with everyone else. There are many celebrities out there with disabilities that are kept from being public knowledge. Or, at least most people don’t know or realize that these celebrities have disabilities, yet they have them all the same.

Did you know that Albert Einstein was autistic? Just running with autism for a moment, there are plenty of others out there that you might not have known had or have this condition. Vincent Di’ Onofrio is one of the famous actors that is autistic, and he was cast in a role in the Law & Order franchise that helped him shine using his disability to his advantage. He made a great detective.

There are plenty of other celebrities with disabilities out there, and learning about them can help you think more about how many of them have overcome obstacles. It’s easy to think about famous people as different than we are, but it’s much better to realize their imperfections and recognize them for overcoming those obstacles, showing us that we can, too.