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Posted by on Jan 6, 2016 in Amputee Dating, Dating For Disabled, Disability Dating, Disabled Dating, Disabled Singles, Wheelchair Dating |

Dating While Disabled

Dating For Disabled

Dating For Disabled

Many things are harder on the disabled than they are on the non-handicapped. Being unable to walk makes going to the supermarket, a casual daily chore for most people, into a difficult mess while being unable to see makes even taking a bus a difficult experience. And, in some ways, dating while disabled is harder because any potential partners of a disabled man or woman are going to have to be ready to cope with their disability, be a missing limb or deafness.

A lot of dating sites allow for the disabled to be as honest as they want about their disabilities, but it can still be difficult to find that special someone willing to cope with their problems. There are, however, a number of dating websites dedicated to helping the disabled date with as few problems as possible.

The big dating sites are, of course, good for a scatter shot approach. and OKCupid allows for users to easily and potentially prominently list their disabilities on their profiles if they wish, and while you won’t get very many bites, if you’re playing a numbers game, the titans of dating websites are the place to go. Zoosk is a similar matter, though geared more towards casual dating rather than the long term commitments of other sites.

All of these sites clock in at millions of users, so the odds of there being someone datable on these sites is theoretically high. Still, it requires sifting through a lot of less than ideal potential partners and probably having a number of your requests overlooked. Determination is key on the big sites, as is a healthy tolerance for being ignored and rejected. Still, if you can persevere in spite of it, the odds are on your side.

There are also dating websites specifically geared towards the disabled. These sites generally have smaller user bases, usually in the thousands rather than the millions of the titans of internet dating, but their specialization in the disabled makes them attractive. Whispers 4 U is a free site with paid options and while far small, inside of its niche of catering to the “differently abled”, it’s huge. The site allows for all kinds of human connection options, from simple chats to finding a marriageable partner They also include video tutorials to assist people in setting up attractive profiles and using webcams safely.

Soulful Encounters is another titan in the world of disable dating, with a great many success stories to its credit. There are no monthly fees and the profile is highly customizable, which should make any disabled person on a budget feel better.

Meet Disabled Singles caters to the disabled, but also focuses on allowing the disabled to find like minded dates with a searchable database that allows users to sort profiles by region, sexuality, religion and of particular interest, their specific type of disability.

Top of the pile for speciality disability dating sites are the long established Disabled Dating Club and Disability Dating Club. They have been around for many years and have loads of members all over the world.

Dating is not always the easiest process, even for people without severe disabilities, but, in a vast and swiftly growing information culture, the odds that your special someone is out there is growing by the day.