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Posted by on Mar 18, 2016 in Dating Tips, Disability Dating, Disabled Dating |

Who Else Wants Disabled Dating Advice?

Dating has become a somewhat hard nut to crack for a majority of single people. While online dating has become popularized, it is never as easy as marketers want it to look like. There are often barriers at every turn and this will be even harder if you have a disability.

disability dating

disability dating

A person living with a disability must have realized at one time or another just how difficult it is to be perceived like the rest. People tend to look at you as a disabled person then try to annoyingly figure out your personality after. But as some relationship experts say, do not try to look past the disability of a person ‘love them for who they are’.

Relationships can start anytime and between anyone irrespective of race, age difference and gender. All a person will need to be is to be open to the prospect of an exciting relationship with a person with a good heart and with whom they share a majority of life’s interests. There is no well predefined path upon which every other person can trudge on. It is for this reason that everyone should keep in mind the importance of being open to anything when it comes to relationships.

1. Single disabled person

For a single that is looking forward to finding someone to share their life’s happiness and other happenings with, they need to arm themselves with the best dating tips. The dating scene is wide and you can easily find yourself dating a non-disabled person or a person with disabled.

Dating has everything to do with the inner self than the way a person looks like. Present yourself as a person who can take care of their business without the need of help. No matter what you might be tempted to do or present yourself as, always remember that being honest to yourself does a great deal in helping the other person appreciate you for who you are.

2. Single non-disabled person

As stated earlier, the dating scene is pretty complicated and filled with everyone you can imagine of. We are living in times when dating is more congruent to the use of the internet. It is pretty easy to fall in love with a person you have never met or rather you have only met online.

The internet happens to be the best place where people first meet and appreciate each other for who they are and then the physical appearance details follow. A person with a disability and who love themselves as they are, will not find it hard to mention their disability. As a single ‘normal-bodied’ person, you need to bear in mind that finding your soul mate in a person with a disability is just as likely as finding it in a ‘normal’ one.

3. Parents of single person and everyone else

If you are a parent of a beautiful daughter or a handsome lad, you will want the best for them. It is paramount that parents of both young persons with disabilities and the normal ones to be ready to embrace the soul mate that their beloved children get in their lives.

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Posted by on Mar 18, 2016 in Disability Dating, Disabled Dating, Disabled Singles |

Top FAQ’s About Dating For Disabled

dating tips for disabled

dating tips for disabled

The dating scene often changes with changing time. We no longer wholly rely on the phone to get a message across. Some decades ago, all you had was a pen and a paper. The time taken for a letter to move from one part of the country to another was long –this is not including letters sent across continents. Much as there are new easier ways through which we can communicate and pass our love, there are challenges that must be dealt with.

As a person living with a disability, the challenges can seem humongous. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) and their answers. The answers are put across in a way to help a person living with a disability understand, cope and probably help them adapt to their current dating social environment.

1. I am a person suffering from a physical disability. Is there a chance of me dating a person who has no disability?

Many people living with a disability feel frustrated because a majority of ‘normal’ people perceive them as a liability if they were to interact with them. Matters of the heart are never to be taken at face value. People love others for the most subtle traits and others overlook physical appearance. The most important thing for you is to present yourself as a person who is fun to be with. Live a full life when single and a person with whom you share interests with will not see your disabilities but rather your exciting personality. Follow this advice and you succeed at dating with a disability without a problem.

2. Can you have sex?

Well, this is a question that will be avoided or toyed with for the first few dates. If you are the one who is not with a disability, never broach the topic – at least in the first few dates. Let the other person bring it up. You might ask the wrong question in the wrong way at the most inappropriate time. This is not a question that is asked but rather it’s a topic that is to be handled. So basically, it should never be a matter of a simple question and a ‘Yes or No’ answer.

3. What can you do?

A person will ask another this question not because they really want to know but as a challenge. In other words, it’s a sign of a patronizing person. Such off-cut questions often portray you as condescending, irresponsible with words and in some cases foolish. What one can or cannot do is not up to you to determine. Dating a person suffering from a disability can be hard if you are an insensitive one. If you have a disability and your date asks you the question, just shoot from the hip ‘I can do pretty much everything another person does’.

4. Should I tell the other person of my disability the first chance I get?

It depends with the kind of disability you have. You really cannot pretend to see when you are totally blind. There are some disabilities that can wait until you have known the other party well or in a better way. Bottom line answer to this question however is that, embrace who you are and be willing to talk about your disability with your date. But never make the whole date or relationship rotate around your disability. However, if you are seriously looking for romance, it would be ideal to register with a specialised disabled dating websites like Disability Dating Club, which has been established for many years now.

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Posted by on Mar 18, 2016 in Disability Dating, Disabled Dating, Disabled Singles |

3 Myths Of Free Disabled Dating Finally Shattered

amputee dating

amputee dating

The dating scene has for the past many centuries transformed and adapted to the changing environments. We have moved from interracial and transgender dating yet we are considerably skeptical when it comes to dating someone with a physical disability. There are many negative assumptions and stereotype myths that have been persistent in our society for so long. This negativity has finally come to be perceived as the ‘truth’ by many people who have no facts about dating people with disabilities. Here are some of the leading myths which are demystified;

1. Sex life if any will be terrible

First of all, people who are perfectly normal often cry out loud of how miserable their sex lives are. The media has fed us the wrong information of how sex should be like. It is often displayed as an activity only for the physically athlete-like people. Contrary to this, sex is what two loving people share and it does not take a lot to understand that sex is all in the head. With a little imagination and wiliness, sex can be great with your partner irrespective of your physical condition.

In order to enjoy sex whether you are disabled or not, great communication must be in play. More often than not, lack of proper clear communication leads couples drifting apart and hence becoming incompatible sexually.

2. Your life will drag as you will be forced to take care of them

It is not hard to find many people looking at people with disabilities as people who are ‘damaged’. They will perceive them as though they are a bother for a ‘normal’ person and to get involved with them, you really need to sacrifice a lot. An important fact to soak in is that a majority of people with disabilities live full lives which are terrifically satisfying. They have great supportive families, rewarding and progressive careers and an amazing social network. Just like you hire something to do something that you are incapable of doing, a disabled person will do the same.

3. You will not be able to do fun things as a couple

The biggest worry for many people who perceive themselves as normal find people with disabilities as inhibited in countless ways. They will even be afraid to come into contact with these people because they think they might harm them more.

A disabled person may not be a great swimmer, they may not be great bicycle riders or football players but so are many other people who are ‘normal’. The one thing for a person who separates people into ‘normal’ and disabled is to know that for every successful normal doctor, politician, husband, teacher, wife, musician, actor or sailor, there is another one who is disabled and as successful. You only need to open your eyes to the world and realize that a person is not defined by their physical looks and prowess. Every person is different and they are what they are because of their personality, attitude and perception to life. Appreciating these facts makes disabled dating very easy.

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Posted by on Jan 6, 2016 in Amputee Dating, Dating For Disabled, Disability Dating, Disabled Dating, Disabled Dating Tips |

What To Expect When Dating Someone With A Disability

Meet Disabled People

Meet Disabled People

What is it like to date someone with a disability? Going out with someone who suffers from a disability, whether it is physical or mental is probably not like anything you have imagined. The truth is that there are as many different experiences as there are unique individuals. Dating someone with a disability is not something most people are willing to talk about openly, but there are some questions and some challenges that need to be addressed.

The first thing to always keep in mind when dating is that communication is very important. This applies regardless of who you are dating. You need to be able to talk about your feelings, ask questions and have real conversations. You cannot connect with someone and build a great relationship unless you can communicate openly.

Communicating includes talking about your date’s disability. This can be a delicate topic since you might not be sure about what you can ask or how you can talk about their disability. Your best option is to be honest about this and tell them that you need to talk about their disability but are not sure how to approach the topic.

You also need to show respect. You cannot ask personal questions too early in the relationship and should not do anything that could make your date uncomfortable. It might be best to let your date bring up the topic and reveal more information about their disability as they become more comfortable around you.

Dating someone with a disability can be challenging because a lot of traditional date ideas become incredibly complicated because of a disability. Think of all the places that cannot be easily accessed in a wheelchair! It is best to talk to your date about different ideas and ask them what would be fun and which ideas would simply not be feasible.

If you are dating to find a long-term boyfriend or girlfriend, you also need to talk about the future and how their disability will impact your relationship in the future. There is no need to bring this topic up too early in the relationship, but you need to be aware that living with someone who has a disability means you will have to help them with a number of things.

You need to be absolutely sure that this is a relationship that would work for you if you are thinking about entering a serious relationship.

Keep these tips in mind if you are dating someone who has a disability or are thinking about asking someone out. You should also use online resources to talk to individuals who have disabilities or to people who have dated someone with a disability similar to the one your boyfriend or girlfriend has. It is important to gain a better understanding of the unique challenges your relationship might face so you can be better prepared for them.

Again, it is important to remember that each relationship is unique. You need to create a safe atmosphere so you can openly communicate with your significant other.

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Posted by on Jan 6, 2016 in Dating For Disabled, Disability Dating |

Ways Of Understanding The Disability Community

There are many people that suffer with a disability which can be either physical or mental, and sometimes both. Disabilities can be related to being born with a physical impediment such as a club foot, a deformity in your hands, or perhaps one that has affected your ability to walk. Other disabilities can occur as a result of an accident that you had, perhaps leading to amputations or some type of brain surgery.

All of these things can make it difficult for an individual to function in regular society, and when it comes to interacting with others that have similar disabilities, it is sometimes hard to find people just like you. In order to alleviate this problem, the Internet can serve as a conduit of information that can put people in touch through social media.

Handicapped Dating

Handicapped Dating

Those that are looking for a date can go to dating sites where they can also meet with people that share similar disabilities. To understand the community of those that are disabled, you have to think from their standpoint. Here is an overview of how to better understand these people, and if you are currently disabled, how you can use the Internet to find someone with a similar disability that may want to spend some time with you.

Understanding Disabled People

The only true way of understanding people with disabilities is to actually have one yourself. If you are disabled, you know how it feels to be looked at differently, treated differently, and to not be able to do the same things that others do. A simple thing such as walking up a stairway, or getting into a car, can be difficult or impossible.

If you have ever been on crutches before, or perhaps a wheelchair due to breaking your leg, this brief time of being without your regular or normal faculties can introduce you to how these people feel every day. This is the perspective that a person needs to think from if they would like to interact with those that are disabled, or if they are perhaps creating a website that is designed to help disabled people connect.

As mentioned before, places like Facebook can offer a venue for connecting with people that are disabled in similar ways, and there are even dating websites for those that would like to meet with people that are similar and hook up with them at some point in time.

Finding Disabled People Online

To find people that are disabled on the Internet, it’s a matter of joining the proper forums, websites, or dating sites that are available. Although it should not be a problem, it just tends to be the case that people with disabilities may gravitate toward those that may understand what they are going through opposed to someone that does not have a disability at all.

In doing so, you can start to connect through text messaging, emails, or chat sessions so that you can find out more about all of the people that might also like to spend some time together. It is a great way to branch out, find your way to others that might also be lonely and are simply wanting to spend a little extra time. Dating sites can really be helpful because they can match up your bio with other people that are similar to you not only due to your disability, but things that you are interested in doing, hobbies that you have. Once you have met several people, you can easily find a way to get together, have some fun, and perhaps start a new relationship.

This brief overview of how to understand disabled people might be helpful for those that have never really understood their perspective. This is important if you would simply like to meet people, regardless of their disability, and have a good time together, especially those that are using dating websites. Social media and relationship websites are going to introduce you to many people that can also interact with you regularly, helping people that often feel alone. And if you are disabled, you now know what to do to connect with others in the disabled community, people that may be exactly like you that are simply looking for a friend or someone to be with on a intermittent or steady basis.

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Posted by on Jan 6, 2016 in Dating Tips, Disability Dating, Disabled Dating |

Tips To Communicate With People With Disabiliites

Disabled Singles

Disabled Singles

The Americans with Disabilities Act, along with other laws and legislation, have broken through many barriers in improving access to education, public buildings and employment opportunities for persons with disabilities. These legislative acts have also helped to change the way they are portrayed on television and in motion pictures.

However, there is still some progress that needs to be made when it comes to how communication and interaction is handled with people who have disabilities. There are some individuals who fear they will say something wrong, so they do not say anything at all.

Unfortunately, these types of actions only help to further segregate those with disabilities.

You can use the following suggestions and tips to relate to and about people with disabilities.


Positive language has the ability to empower people. When you are speaking to or about someone who is disabled, it is important that you refer to that person first. Making general group designations such as “the disabled” or “the blind” is considered to be inappropriate because these terms do not recognize the individuality or dignity of those who are disabled.

On the other hand, a term such as “normal person” implies that those who are disabled are not normal. A phrase like “person with disability” is a more acceptable term because although it is descriptive, it is not considered negative.

The following list includes affirmative and negative phrases:

• Affirmative – person with cognitive disability. Negative – mentally defective, retarded
• Affirmative – person with a disability. Negative –the disabled
• Affirmative – person who is deaf. Negative – deaf and dumb, the deaf
• Affirmative – person who with a seizure disorder. Negative – epileptic


The best etiquette you can have when interacting with a person with a disability is to have etiquette that is based on courtesy and respect. There are some tips you can use if you want to interact more effective with those with disabilities.

One of the first things to remember is that when you are introduced to someone with a disability, it is appropriate to make the offer to shake their hand. It is also acceptable to shake with the left hand.

Always treat an adult as an adult. Also make sure you address a person with a disability by their first name.

Finally, you should relax. Do not be afraid to use certain commonly used expressions such as “talk with you soon” or “see you later”.

When communicating with someone who is blind, always speak clearly and in a normal tone. You should also let the person know when you are leaving or walking away.

If you are offering the person a chair to sit down in, place the individual’s hand on the back of the chair so they will know where the seat is located.

These are just some of the suggestions and tips that you can consider when interacting with a person with a disability. The main tips are to remain relaxed, treat the person with respect and listen. Offer assistance but do not feel offended if the assistance is not accepted.

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